I’ve known Phil Evenden of Integrity Wealth Management for a few years, but until recently was not a client of IWM. When Phil and I met over coffee, he outlined a retirement and estate planning idea for my business that I had seen before but I had never followed through and taken action.


As we talked more over the ensuing months, Phil brought new ideas and a different perspective than I had experienced previously working with other advisors. As we discussed my business and planning needs, and as my wife and I met with Phil, we decided we needed to take the leap and create a tax-free asset within the corporation. We had many questions, and Phil persisted with us to explain everything, sharing experiences of other business owners in similar situations to ours, which helped as we moved through a process.


A couple of the benefits of working with Phil and Integrity Wealth Management Inc. have been that the services they provide are not limited to an insurance discussion, but it’s more of a package plan. Phil explained that he could help us with our Wills, POA documents; as well as conducting a complete analysis of our tax situation and our corporate structures; to make sure we get the maximum benefit from our business and investments. All in all Phil and the team at IWM has helped us get more organized and feel more confident of the future and our retirement and estate plans.

Dan Valentini, President

Dan Valentini Developments Ltd.

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Fareen Samji

Local Business Owner

Doug Lawrie

FOCUS Golf Group

We began working with Phil Evenden and Integrity Wealth Management Inc. (IWM) in the spring of 2015 upon the recommendation of our bookeeper and a trusted advisor who recognized our need to build a proper structural framework for our company and protect our business and assets.


In working with financial people in the past, we haven't always felt heard; by the second meeting with Phil, we felt very comfortable. He listened to the challenges we were facing, and was very knowledgeable and willing to help. He helped us identify the areas that were the biggest concern, and presented options to solve these problems. As we continued to work together, each solution brought us greater peace of mind. Once we had the appropriate amount of insurance coverage in place we knew our business and families were protected.


Developing proper corporate structures was another area that needed attention; IWM has the right business partners to get the job done because they take a holistic approach to planning. Phil's knowledge and experience with a wide range of business owners has been invaluable.


More recently, we needed to update our group benefits package and Phil is again working with us to find the best solution.


Our experience with Phil and the team at IWM has meant that we now have greater peace of mind because we are confident that we're organized and have laid the right foundation for the future.

Lorenzo Piccioni, Anna Maria Piccioni

Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Farm
Dundas, Ontario

Integrity Wealth Management Inc. (IWM) was unknown to me until I joined the Chamber of Commerce and met Phil Evenden at an event we were hosting at our offices.


A few weeks later when Phil reached out to me and we chatted over coffee, I had been wondering if the business could in fact be in a position to put plans in place to maximize the wealth the business was creating.


As we walked through the IWM process, I was impressed that it seemed very methodical and thorough. There was calmness to the process, and Phil assured me that we'd figure out the best solutions as we moved through together. I was very comfortable with things, as details were well explained and I felt I was gaining clarity. One of the most helpful things Phil did was to explain what structures would make sense within the business, as we reviewed what I have now and what might make sense to consider in the future.


As for financial safety nets--I did not have anything in place and was not really attuned to what I might need. As we talked about what would happen to my business in the vent I was taken out of the picture, I quickly saw the need to create the right solutions. Phil explained what my options were and why I might consider them, along with the tax consequences and how to position everything properly. I have greater comfort now in having them in place.


I know that Phil and his team at IWM are interested in a long-term business relationship which is very important to me. Lately, we have been talking about starting a peer-to-peer group of like-minded business leaders to help each other grow personally and professionally. That kind of added interest in my business success is nice to see, too!


For small business owners who are serious about growing and protecting their business and the wealth it creates, I recommend speaking with IWM--even just to bounce ideas around and ask questions. You'll be glad you did.




Sandi Verrecchia

CEO, Satori Consulting Inc.

Burlington, Ontario