We Believe in Supporting Our Community

The community of Burlington has been home for over 35 years to me and my family. We have raised our four children here and though most of them have moved out of the area, we remain here and are involved in various ways in and around this community we call home.

I believe that it is important to get involved with the local scene, whether business which I have done for many years through the Burlington Chamber of Commerce; or in our case – to help local kids who are having a hard time financially, through the Halton Learning Foundation.

I began working with the HLF in 2015 by joining their board of directors, which I currently Chair and will continue to do so until our AGM in February of 2020.

The HLF removes financial barriers between students of the HDSB and their educational experience. I continue to be amazed at the wonderful results we have seen when children and their families have been helped through the work of the HLF. Results that point us again to the fact that people don’t want a hand-out as much as they appreciate a hand-up! The HLF has done great work, but we have much more to do to eliminate the problem in our region.

All four of our children attended school in the HDSB and at that time none of us had any idea that about 10% of kids in school are facing some sort of financial barrier. Today, I’m very glad for community groups like the HLF and so many others who make life a little better for so many of our families in Burlington.

As long as we are living here, we’ll continue to be involved in giving back in some manner because it makes the community better for all of us when we help each other.

The Halton Learning Foundation provides the students of Halton equal opportunities for School Participation, Engagement and Learning. To learn more about the foundation and their “No Student Left Behind” initiative, click on the logo.